Nathanel Goldman

Women can get a hard on!

Nathanel Goldman
Women can get a hard on!

Ladies, get your hard on!

I remember being a teenager, experiencing engorgement in my vulva and vagina and getting confused. I used to link engorgement with inflammation, and thought something bad was happening. It was confusing and frustrating to feel pleasure and think that something was wrong with my pussy at the same time!

I wish I knew then what I know now – that women have the SAME amount of ERECTILE TISSUE as men. 

Oh, you didn’t know that either?! 

It’s essential to know this because having the erectile tissue stimulated changes the amount of sensitivity and pleasure that a woman can feel BIG TIME. 

Next time you make love, bear in mind that being penetrated before the Yoni is engorged won’t feel as delicious as it could possibly be.

Elisabeth Lloyd writes in her book “The Case of the Female Orgasm” (Harvard University Press) that only 25% of women are able to consistently reach orgasm during intercourse. 

Ladies, you are missing out!

Being able to enjoy sex and have pleasure during intercourse is our birthright. Many women find it hard to feel pleasure inside their vagina and therefore they rely on their clitoris as the only source of pleasure. 

There is another solution: get yourself a “hard on”! 

I am literally not kidding. If women have roughly the same amount of erectile tissue as men (just distributed differently), and they take the time to get “hard”, they are going to experience more pleasure. That’s obvious, right?

A woman getting penetrated before she is fully engorged is like a touching a man when his penis is flaccid – it’s kinda sorta nice, but waaaaaaay better when it’s hard.

When a woman’s erectile tissue capillaries are filled with, they become engorged, firm and deliciously sensitive!

Let me give you an example.

When a flaccid penis is touched the sensation are way less than when it is erected. It is the same for women’s body.  

What is the erectile tissue? 

 The erectile tissue is divided in different sub- structures. It encompasses:

  • Vestibular bulbs

  • Clitoris 

  • Sponge that covers the urethra 

  • Perineal sponge 

How do we activate and stimulate it? 

 Arousal, touch & time. The starting point will be the arousal itself. Massaging it and giving it a lot of attention will put log on the fire!

 It takes time! It could vary from person to person, on average women take between 25 and 40 min to get a “hard on”.

 A lot of women experience numbness in their Yoni (to differing degrees). This is due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen. The cells and tissues in our body are kept alive and vibrant thanks to the nutrients, oxygen and hormones carried by the blood. 

 Go play. Now that you know why it is so important to activate the erectile tissue, my advice is to go and play with it. Get to know it on a deeper level, in different states of arousal & pleasure. Most of all, take your time. Make love with a hard on and notice the difference.

/ Written by Elisa Caro.
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