Nathanel Goldman

what is a tantric energy orgasm?

Nathanel Goldman
what is a tantric energy orgasm?

What is a energy full body orgasm? And how can you have them?!

Last night I experienced a mind-blowing full-body orgasmic experience that took me all the way into higher realms; known as “skydancing” in Tantra…and all without even taking off any clothes! I was being lightly caressed and lovingly held by several people at a tantra event, and being fed chocolate-dipped strawberries to top it all! This touch was not sexual in nature…I had asked to be stroked like a cat! As my body began to surrender to the pleasure, energy began to move, dancing in blissful streams through me.

At some point I surrendered to such huge waves of energy that I reached that point of “more pleasure than you can handle”. 

Thanks to a lot of Tao and Tantric practices my energy channels can really work with that energy and it flowed upwards and felt as if it exploded out of the top of my head and took my whole trembling body into a higher realm of existence.
I was in a state between crying and laughing. My whole body so radiant with energy. I could see streams of golden light pouring down my body and beaming out of my palms. I just wanted to touch the people around me and bless them with this energy. As I looked at people from this state, all I saw was God looking back at me and I cried in ecstasy of what I saw.

This is the “energy orgasm” phenomenon of Tantra, the part that most freaks people out as it is so hard to understand. It is an orgasmic experience which in non-genital. There can be no genital stimulation whatsoever, yet still enormous movements of energy throughout the body which takes over completely and leads the person into complete bliss.
In mainstream society we are so quick to judge orgasm as something seedy, secretive or even shameful. So to see people in full view of others in full-body orgasm is extremely confronting to the conditioned mind. Yet at the same time we can see that the person is fully-clothed and there is no genital touch, so we cannot quite “condemn” the behaviour as if it were a sexual act.

There was one time I was attending a workshop at a festival in Bali. The workshop leader (TyeZan) was talking about the conditions required for this kind of energy orgasm. He started to demonstrate on a woman, but she decided she didn’t want to do it. So the  next thing I know, I have raised my hand to volunteer. And there I am, in front of a whole auditorium of onlookers, surrendering to huge waves of bliss, ecstatic sounds coming from my lips, and even the festival photographer managed to appear at that very moment!

I had so much feedback afterwards. Many marvelled at the non-sexual nature of the experience, yet which was undeniably sexually energetic at the same time. They really could not understand or categorise what they had seen with their own eyes.

Basically people have no framework of reference in which to understand this phenomenon. Sometimes people respond with fear. This can be just the fear of the unknown. But people also fear the energy itself, ad so they feel uncomfortable seeing it so strongly displayed in another’s body.

Yet anyone who has actually experienced this (it can happen spontaneously in the tantric field or it can be induced in a healing session) will report that they feel liberated, alive, opened up, they feel healed and often they feel connected to the Divine. Such a movement of energy can remove energy blocks (places you feel stuck in your body or in your life). It opens energy channels. It make you feel alive. It paves the way to move towards full-body orgasm.

In classical Tantra this phenomenon is explained as being the activation of “Shakti” or life force energy. It possibly paralleled to the concept of the “holy spirit”, in that it is seen as the pure manifestation of the Divine in form. It is that which gives us vitality and radiance, and also what we might call being spirited. We often say that a person has a “bright spirit”. In Tantra-talk we’d say that person has “a lot of shakti”. This energy gives someone radiance, vitality, creativity and a special aliveness.

One of my favourite things about energy orgasm in the tantra world, is that once activated, you find yourself in gatherings with a lot of alive and creative people. Tantra festivals have the best dance-floors I have ever come across, and not one drug nor alcoholic beverage to be found! And this energy activates energy in others who are open to it. So this means that tantrics can hug and sometimes just go into orgasms together!

You might at first think that people are putting it on. It looks unreal the first time you see it. But I invite you to stay open-minded, because there is a lot of healing potential from this, and it may even give you a glimpse of the Divine.

/ Written by Shashi Solluna
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