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Nathanel Goldman


In Taoism, sexual energy is seen to flow from yin (contracted, innermost) to yang (expanded, outermost) in a continuous cycle, like the seasons.
It’s most yin form, like the deep winter, is potential sexual energy and is like a deep hum in our sexual organs. It is that part of us that brings the impetus to live and to create, a spark of life.

Stop right now, close your eyes, breathe into your ovaries or testicles and see if you can find a deep humming vibration, a sense of life force tingling with anticipation. When you find it, smile into it, breathe into it…your unaroused sexual chi.

As this energy begins to move from yin to yang, we may feel desire or arousal. It is like the seeds beginning to sprout! Spring time, excitement, energy building. If it continues to expand it may reach full expansion, or yang…this may be the energy expansion known as orgasm, or perhaps a non-sexual peak such as joy, ecstasy or bliss. This is like a full, expansive summer day.

The energy then flows back down towards yin, and it begins to contract again. Just as in autumn when the leaves begin to fall, this is a time for releasing excess energy (grounding it) and gathering in what is valuable to us. After all, what is a peak experience for? What can we gain from each expansive experience and how can we integrate that into our everyday life? Autumn energy teaches us about harvesting the value from each experience and letting go of what we no longer need.

This flow of energy can be experienced and known on a deeper level through practicing a certain type of meditation: sexual qigong. “Qigong” means “energy work”, or working with your energy. There are many many forms of qigong, and you could apply this name to any situation in which you are consciously aware of your energy flow.

In the Taoist Sexual Arts there is a meditation practice known as the “microcosmic orbit”.
The name refers to a circuit of energy flow through some of the body’s main meridians, or energy channels. Quite simply, the energy flows up the spine and down the front of the body. A key to this flow is to place the tongue on the roof of the mouth, which acts as a bridge to help the energy complete it’s downward flow. You can experience this flow in a general way, and also connect into each point along the channels. Both practices are helpful.

  • The root of the sexual energy, the sexual organs and perineum, correspond to the yin (winter, night time, dark moon) and the sexual energy lies dormant there like a coiled snake waiting to awaken, or a seed waiting to sprout. The energy connects down to the pulse of life in mother earth.

  • The energy flowing up the spine is like the shoots of spring, the snake awakening and uncoiling. It is when we feel aliveness as desire and arousal.

  • When energy reaches the topmost part of the orbit, the crown, it can touch the eternal skies above. When energy flows through this point we can experience almost lifting up above our everyday experience and limitations. The experience is limitless, ecstatic and for many people divine.

  • As energy flows down the front channel, especially following a very ecstatic experience, we feel that we are receiving blessings. It can be a feeling of gratitude and bliss.

I like to teach this practice not as something to be busy trying to do during lovemaking (!!!), but as a meditation practice to do alone in order to penetrate your own sexual energy with consciousness. This is an inner divine union, in which your own shakti (the sexual energy) unites with your own shiva (your witness conciousness).
The benefits of this meditation:

  • you will tune into your sexual energy, even in its potential form, and thus discover where it comes from and how it moves

  • you will learn a lot about the nature of desire and energy flow

  • you will heal parts of your being where energy has previously been “stuck”…quite simply when we flood the light of consciousness into a part of our being that we have previously cut off, healing happens!

  • you will open the pathways and channels for energy to flow upwards into your body (a tendency is to discharge sexual energy down into the earth without ever lifting it up), up through the different chakras and thus experience “from sex to super-consciousness”.

  • the amount of Shakti you can handle (sexual energy) gradually increases (yes, that means you can handle bigger and bigger orgasmic experiences)

  • the presence of your own Shiva consciousness also increases, as you are increasing the “capacity” of your presence.

It is a form of inner divine union, using your own Shakti/energy and your own Shiva/consciousness. Later on, you may choose to play with a beloved, and you may polarize…one bringing more Shiva, one bringing more Shakti (more on that later!).

The best way to learn this meditation is from a practitioner or facilitator, as trying to learn it from a book tends to be too technique-y! Another person can give you a transmission. You will know this has happened if you feel the aliveness of the energy flow. Having said this, some people do of course discover this for themselves, without any assistance! However, I have come across many people in my years of teaching who have struggled over a book and diagrams and tried to imagine the flow, but not really experienced it.

My passion is to teach the sexual arts close to nature, using the power of natural life force energy to help us reconnect to the life force energy within our own bodies. This helps us to remember that sexual energy is not just a personal energy, just there for our own pleasure. It is something much greater, and opening to this possibility can give us the opportunity to experience  something truly transcendental (as well as a lot of pleasure!).

/ Written by Shashi Solluna
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